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Contract Leases Written or Oral Agreements in Palm Beach County

In Palm Beach County and around the world non personal relationships are governed by the contractual relationship between parties. Buying a home or real estate a car or any property or service entering into a business involves a contract written or oral or by actions between the parties. Matters are usually determined as to what was the true intent and terms under which were to operate at the time the contract was made. Did the parties to the contract fulfill their obligations or was there a breech Who and what were the damages and what is the law regarding these issues.

The rental of a property either for residential use or business use is governed by a lease which is an agreement between the Landlord and the tenant as to their rights and obligations

The sale or purchase of a business is a contractual relationship dealing with many issues as the value of good will the value of inventory, lease assignments and non-compete clauses.

We take the time to determine the issues relevant in the transaction and draft and negotiate the issues for the parties involved

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