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Corporate, Business Law and International Transactions in Palm Beach County

Gerald Lesher Attorney concentrates his practice among other areas in several forms of corporate and business law issues including business formation of an LLC, Corporation Partnership or Joint Venture in [Palm Beach County]. We resolve disputes between owners and contracting parties such as partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, contract disputes, death and buy-outs and regulatory issues affecting business issues.

Gerald Lesher, Attorney has dealt with shareholders LLC members, employees, consumers and creditors in regard to corporate and business issues. Many people are unaware of the recent changes to the Florida Law regarding LLC’s. These changes can alter the management and tax effectiveness of the LLC and require the consideration of an Operating Agreement to govern the affairs of the LLC. The Operating Agreement if an LLC should be tailored to the entity best suited for the project.

At times a C Corporation is better suited to the intended use than an LLC. The funding sources for the enterprise need to be considered. The question where are the funds to finance the project coming from. Be it Loans, Personal funds, Joint Ventures, Registration exempt financing, Public Financing or Crowd Sourcing the type of entity is critical. Shareholder Agreements and stock option plans trusts, and pension plans should be considered.

In some cases the jurisdiction of the entity chosen my require mutli-state or off shore entities which may be suited to the needs of the participants for tax purposes or to attract non US investors or for operations outside of Florida as the case may be. In these situations Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware The Commonwealth of the Bahamas or British Virgin Island Luxemburg Netherlands, Ireland or other jurisdictions may be best suited to the project. The selection of the jurisdiction can have far reaching tax, regulatory and financial consequences.

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