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Litigation, Trial Arbitration and Mediation in Palm Beach County

Unfortunately in today’s litigation environment in Palm Beach County and elsewhere you may be faced with the prospect of suing or being sued. This is a serious and costly endeavor. We try to develop the best strategies for bring or defending non criminal litigation to a successful conclusion. We do this by determining the goals of the litigation process and develop budgets for fees and expenses prior to going down this road, as financial resources are an import consideration. Our strategies consider the various stages of litigation, the pleadings. Discovery of evidence and adversarial positions, mediation, arbitration or trial and appeal.

We engage in real estate disputes over titles, easements, and ownership interests fees and commissions of real estate brokers and finders. We are active in the defense of mortgage foreclosure actions and debt collection litigation for both creditors and debtors. Many disputes involve the interpretation of written contracts or oral contracts or contracts created by the actions of the parties. We represent our clients on regulatory matters such as appeals of real property assessments, zoning, and abetment actions. Problems arise in lease transactions between a Landlord and Tenant of lease enforcement rental collection return of deposit and eviction. These are all areas in which we offer our services

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    • Litigation, Trials, Arbitration and Mediation
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