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Florida Civil Law Notary: Palm Beach County

In Civil Law Countries a Notary has entirely different powers from a Notary Public in most of the states in the United States. The Notary Public authenticates only that the person signing a document has produced generally accepted identification or is personally known to the Notary Public. A Civil Law Notary in addition to authenticating the person executing the document can authenticate the document itself. For example a copy of a document may be examined by a Civil Law Notary and when compared with an original document the Civil Law Notary Authentication is proof of authenticity.

In Florida a Civil Law Notary must be an attorney and member in good standing in the Florida Bar foe five years and must take a course on the duties of a Civil Law Notary. In the case of an authentication the Florida Civil Law Notary is required to keep a copy in a protocol. The Florida Civil Law Notary is thus regulated by the Florida Bar and the provisions of Chapter 118 of the Florida Statutes.

The requirements of Chapter 118 make the Florida Civil Law Notary acceptable in Civil Law countries while a Notary Public would not be acceptable even for purposes of identification. The Civil Law Notary can when acting independently of the parties to a transaction and as an attorney can confirm the truthfulness in documents and verify and confirm applicable law.

A Civil Law Notary can perform his function outside of Florida while a Notary Public may not. For example a Civil Law Notary can officiate and sign a Florida marriage License outside of Florida such as on a ship in international waters and while a Civil Law Notary may travel to another country to authenticate or notarize documents care should be taken that such action is not a violation of the laws of a host country. Thus performing notary functions in international waters is acceptable under Florida Law.
Because of the requirements imposed by law a Civil Law Notary is usually accepted by civil law countries.

I act as a civil law notary in a range of situations.